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Heat Pump Installers

As an independent heat pump sales and installation specialist we can offer you New Zealand's most popular heat pump brands such as Daikin, Panasonic, Mitsubishi and Fujitsu. Each of these brands has been proven locally and internationally and these highly regarded manufacturers always stand by their products.

Because no two homes or families are the same, our experienced heating consultants will take the time to understand your particular heating needs and individual situation. With these leading heat pump brands to choose from we can find an effective solution for your every heating or cooling application.

As you would expect from a specialist heat pump retailer, our sales staff have extensive product knowledge and an in-depth understanding of the performance benefits of heat pumps. They’ll make sure you get exactly the right unit for your home.

Some heat pump retailers sub-contract out the installation of their heat pumps, but we like to make sure the job is done properly, so we do all of our own heat pump installations. And once our professionally trained and accredited technicians have installed your heat pump, we’ll ensure you know how to operate it like an expert so you can enjoy the best of it, all year round.