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Choose the right Heat Pump for you

Rimu Electrical sell and service all popular types of heat pumps, from the simple, quick to install wall units through to the fully integrated ducted systems. We have a heat pump that’s perfect for you. We could throw a pile of technical specifications at you, but you really need to get advice from one of our trained heat pump experts about which unit is best for the area you want to heat or cool.

But just to give you an insight, here are the main types of heat pump systems…

Hi-Wall Unit

These are generally the most popular residential heat pump systems in New Zealand. These systems sit high up on your wall, around 100mm below your ceiling. They are elegant and quiet, unobtrusive and out of the way. You can also install a Multi Unit system, where just one outdoor unit can power up to four indoor units. This is a very efficient and quiet way to service up to 4 different areas.


Floor Console

These units generally sit on the floor alongside a wall. They are ideal for space heater or gas fire/fireplace replacement and can be recess mounted into the wall cavity giving a shallow profile for hallway installation, or where space is at a premium.

Ceiling cassette

The flush mounted ceiling units take up no floor space. With four-way air direction and adjustable air flow patterns, these units are more suited to larger floor areas. And being unobtrusive, cassette units blend well with any room décor.

Central Ducted System

Mounted in the ceiling space, these larger systems are designed to warm your entire home. Heat is distributed throughout the home by insulated ducts connected to ceiling vents. Airflow to each room can be individually adjusted to provide perfect comfort throughout your home.

Ceiling Wall

These are designed with all the features of the Hi-Walls, providing excellent room coverage. They are particularly well suited to high stud large room areas as they tend to have high airflows. A major benefit of ceiling units is they can be installed where wall space is at a premium.

Multi-Head Split System

Multi-Head Split systems are designed to allow several indoor units (regardless of capacity or type) to be connected to a single outdoor unit. This allows you to select the model best suited to each and every room in your home. The inverter Multi-Head Split system enhances exterior aesthetics by reducing the number of outdoor units necessary, while also providing you with an easy and economical way of adding indoor units at any time.