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Why use a Heat Pump?

No matter what the state of the weather outside, you and your family can relax in comfort every day of the year. Heat pumps are so versatile, and unlike gas and oil heaters that only heat, a heat pump will warm your home in winter, keep it cool and comfortable in summer and also remove excess humidity by working as a dehumidifier.

We're Heat Pump and Air Conditioning Specialist 

As an independent heat pump sales and installation specialist we can offer you New Zealand's most popular heat pump brands such as Daikin, Panasonic, Mitsubishi and Fujitsu. Each of these brands has been proven locally and internationally and these highly regarded manufacturers always stand by their products.

Because no two homes or families are the same, our experienced heating consultants will take the time to understand your particular heating needs and individual situation. With these leading heat pump brands to choose from we can find an effective solution for your every heating or cooling application.

As you would expect from a specialist heat pump retailer, our sales staff have extensive product knowledge and an in-depth understanding of the performance benefits of heat pumps. They’ll make sure you get exactly the right unit for your home.

Humidity Regulation

Dampness and mould from humidity are the prime destroyers of furniture, drapes and chattels as well as causing unpleasant odours. The Mitsubishi Electric range has a DRY cycle function only in the cooling mode, where the indoor coil acts like a mirror in a bathroom collecting moisture and removing it via the attached condensate drain, performing the same function as a dehumidifier.

Efficient and Economical to Run

Electric heat pumps are highly energy efficient and economical to run, saving on your home heating bills. Because heat pumps don't use power to create heat (they simply transfer the existing free heat in or out of your home) they can generate up to four times as much energy as they consume. Now that’s energy efficient! Besides, an inverter heat pump is not constantly running at full load so it uses a lot less power, unlike many older systems.

Keeping You and Your Family Healthy

Our range of advanced heat pumps can help to keep your family healthier all year round because they are cleaner, healthier and safer. They use a variety of air purification filter systems that remove fine dust particles, allergy-causing pollen and invisible mould spores, revitalising and refreshing the air in your home.

Remote Control Operation

At the touch of a button on your remote control, via a text message on your mobile phone or from an internet browser, you can select the exact temperature that suits you, keeping you warm and cosy in winter and cool and refreshed in summer. In fact, that’s all it takes to change from heating to cooling – no fuss, no hassle. You can also pre-set your heat pump to automatically switch on and off when you’re out, ensuring the temperature is just right when you get home.

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