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Security Systems

Ensuring a safe and secure environment is important, but finding the right security system to protect your home or business doesn't need to be a complex and time consuming task. Rimu Electrical use Bosch security systems, who offer a range of security products that will cater to any of your requirements, offering a cost effective, professional security solution.

At the more basic end of the scale, security systems work as a deterrent. The mere fact that you have an alarm system installed on the premises will discourage most criminals from attempting to break in. However, most security systems are monitored by private security companies. If you have one of these systems installed and an intruder attempts to break into the premises it will sound an alarm and simultaneously send a signal to the security company's command centre who will then act in accordance with your specific instructions. These security systems provide prompt and professional around the clock protection from possible intrusions.

Residential Security

Intruders violate a sense of security your home should provide. If an intruder breaks in, the loss you feel is not just about the items destroyed or stolen - they can often be replaced. What you lose is the peace of mind and that sense of security that your home once provided. Having a home security system can help you unwind and relax, knowing that if someone was to break in you would be alerted. 

 There are many advanced features that can be incorporated into your home security system. Medical alarm buttons can be included into your security system for the protection of your family. The button triggers an alert to an emergency centre, caregiver or family member, depending on what was previously arranged. Also, systems can be connected to your smoke alarm, resulting in you never having to change the batteries in it again!

Also, by having a monitored security systems installed, the price of your home and contents insurance can often be reduced. Most insurance companies view the use of a monitored alarm system as a further means of protecting your property from intruders, therefore you are at lower risk to them.

Commercial Security


Rimu Electrical can install security systems into the retail environment to provide a professional and secure work space that will help safeguard staff, customers and stock. Surveillance and visible monitoring systems within a store often work well to deter internal and external theft and prevent destruction of property, therefore protecting your profits.


A safe work environment is important to ensure the protection of staff and confidential material. Rimu Electrical can install security systems within the office to prevent intrusions during the evenings when the office place is empty.

Please browse Bosch’s Product Catalogue to view their full range of residential and commercial security systems.

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